A Rustic Wyoming Intimate Wedding

June 8, 2018

Abby from A Jayne Photography gives us a treat with her lovely documentary style wedding photography. Abby brings you to a jouful Wyoming Intimate Wedding affair. 


The Bride and Groom share their day with us with tips and advice.


Abby says...

Wedding was set in gorgeous + remote Clark, Wy - a population of 300 people. The wedding took place in a barn-style location with gorgeous views of surrounding mountains, a small creek, and open plains. A perfect place for a picturesque Wyoming wedding. Wedding guest count was 29 close friends and family - people traveled from all over the US to be there. The groom loves fly-fishing, the bouts  reflected that as well as the brides bouquet adorned with one. The officiant is a long time best friend of the groom. The detail shot of the bouquet, memoir and $10 - was her something new, something blue (bouquet and fish tie) something old (the locket) and something borrowed ($10 LOL!) Cute story behind the money. 








Q: Tell us about your wedding! What was the inspiration behind your day? Did you have a specific theme, style or color palette? Did you incorporate any cultural or religious traditions in any part of your day? 


A: There was no specific theme for our wedding...if I had to choose descriptors though, I'd say: simple, rustic, outdoors, family.  We just wanted to keep things simple and celebrate our union with those closest to us.  While there was no official color palette, colors did tend towards those from nature: blues, greens, neutrals/natural tones.There weren't any cultural or religious traditions per se.  However, one significant aspect of the celebration that inspired the wedding date was that it took place on the anniversary of Jessica's great-grandparents' wedding and birthdays.  She was named after the pair, and they were an important part of her childhood.  Her great-grandparents, Jesse and Louise, were both born on September 17, Jesse in 1908 and Louise in 1909.  They were married on the same day, September 17, 1929.  That day has always held special meaning for Jessica, and she always hoped that when she got married, it would be on that same special, perhaps a bit lucky, day.  And despite it being opening weekend of hunting season, Jordan agreed. :) 


Q: Let's talk wedding decor. How did you decorate your space for the ceremony and the reception? Was any part of the decor DIY? 


A: We hoped to hold both the ceremony and reception outdoors, and given the magnificent beauty of the location, minimal decor was needed.  The day was perfect: blue skies, mild temperatures, and just the right amount of wind to ruffle the veil and the natural elements outside.  The ceremony was held outside on the lawn, with nothing added to the already beautiful plants and grasses in the yard.  Temperatures cooled off in the evening so dinner was set up indoors.  Even the indoor space was beautiful and cozy just as it was, so little was added. All decor was DIY by myself, Jordan, and my sisters.  Banquet tables were covered in white tablecloths overlayed with burlap runners.  Centerpieces consisted of mason jars wrapped in jute twine and filled with an assortment of blue, white, and pink flowers.  The florals sat on natural wood rounds that Jordan painstakingly cut by hand, and small candles in mason jars were interspersed with the floral arrangements.  All of the linens were hand selected by me and included a mixture of patterns and textures in shades of blue, green, and natural colors.  Jordan loves fly fishing and fly-tying, and wanted some element of this in the wedding, so he hand-tied beautiful blue fly boutonnieres for us and all of our guests.  We also made all of our invitations from scratch, with a rustic/outdoors feel to them as well.  The few other elements included mason jars for drinking glasses, mason jar beverage dispensers, and rustic decor for the warm beverage bar. 











Q: What were the florals like in your wedding? Did you use flowers in any of your design elements like the bridal bouquets, centerpieces or ceremony backdrop? Did they play an important part in the overall style of your wedding? 


A: Floral arrangements were used for my bridal bouquet and table centerpieces as described above.  My bridal bouquet was ordered from EcoFlower.  They are an online retailer providing eco-friendly floral arrangement alternatives to real flowers.  I was excited to find this company to use for my wedding bouquet because the arrangement will last a lifetime!  To personalize things a bit, I incorporated one of Jordan's fly boutonnieres into the bouquet, as well as a locket given to me by my mother; the locket contained a photo of my great-grandparents, so I had them with me as I walked down the isle.Centerpieces were put together by my sisters.  We were not at all particular about the type of flowers or where they came from.  We just wanted them to be simple and have a rustic feel.  My sisters just gathered a variety of flowers (whatever they happened to have on hand) from a local grocery store in Cody and arranged the centerpieces for us!  They turned out perfectly! 


Q: Did you personalize the day in any way (food trucks, guest entertainment etc.)? What were some of your favorite parts of your wedding? 


A: The day was personalized by us in the sense that we kept it small and intimate.  The total guest count was less than 25, and included our immediate families, a few extended family members, and few of our closest friends.  Aside from getting to marry my best friend, I'd say the best part of the day was this...that we were able to join our lives together surrounded by those people most important and influential in our lives.  We celebrated our love and our new life together with those we love and cherish most.  Not a single guest was "local".  Everyone traveled a great distance to be with us...from Washington, Colorado, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana...and we are so grateful that they all made that journey for us.  It made the day all the more special to feel and know that our lives are surrounded by so much love.  Another favorite and forever-special part of the celebration was that we were able to be married by Mr. Doug Kryder, and long-time friend, mentor, and hunting partner to Jordan.  He is now, and will always be, a very special person in our lives, and we are forever grateful that he not only accepted the request to be our officiant, but also carried out the task as only Doug Kryder could (masterfully)!Another highlight for me was having my father there to walk me down the isle.  The only details that have ever truly mattered to me as far as my wedding day were: 1. the perfect groom; 2. the perfect date (September 17); 3. having a gown that I loved; and 4. my father walking me down the isle.  I was very fortunate to get all of them!Jordan and I are both beer fans (non-IPAs only), and his brother home-brews, so Jordan's brother made us two special "wedding beers" for the day, so those were incorporated into the bar.  Jordan's mother also made traditional Slavic kolaches, bite-sized pastries made with a sweet dough and filled with fruit filling, for a dessert.As I've said before, we really tried to keep our wedding simple, and everything, absolutely everything, from the food and drink, to the decor, to the guests, to the to the location and venue, and beyond were absolutely perfect!  We loved every minute and every part of our day!  Family pitched in as well and helped to make it a day we will never forget. 





Q: Let's talk fashion. How did you both choose your wedding day look? Describe the looks in detail. 


A: It took me several months to choose my dress.  I think I went to a half dozen or more shops and tried dozens of very different dresses before finding the one.  It turned out that the initial style I wanted was not at all flattering, and I ended up going a completely different route. I was so indecisive about the whole process...it's so much harder than they make it look on Say Yes to the Dress!  I actually purchased one dress and then immediately had buyers remorse.  Luckily the bridal shop where I bought, Little White Dress Bridal Shop, was kind and let me cancel that order and put the deposit towards another gown.  Ultimately, I went with a gown by Lillian West (Style 6450).  I fell in love with it first on the designer's website, and then when I tried it on in the shop it was the perfect combination of everything I was looking for...and flattering too!!  It was a strapless, fit and flare lace and tulle gown with sequined lace appliques, lace up back, and chapel train. The underlying satin was a pale gold, and the overlying lace and tulle was ivory.  I wore a very simple, floor length, ivory tulle veil to compliment the gown, but not distract from it's details.  I think my favorite part of my dress was the train!  It was just gorgeous, and the dress overall was perfect for our venue and setting.I'm not much of a hair and makeup gal, so I did A LOT of Pinterest-ing and YouTube-ing.  I wanted something that was very natural looking, not overdone or dramatic.  I found a few hair styles on Pinterest and tested them out before deciding on a low up-do.  For makeup, I did the same thing...found some looks that I liked and tried them out at home.  I decided on a very natural look that I felt was just an enhanced version of me, not too over the top.  On the day of the wedding, my hair was done by Emma with Strandz Salon in Cody, WY.  She was fabulous and dove all the way up (45 min) to the wedding venue to do my hair on site.  She was also kind enough to style my mother's hair, which Mom loved!  I did my own makeup on the big day. Jewelry was simple as well.  I just wore a couple of pearl bracelets and a pair of teardrop pearl earrings that I had purchased from department stores.  No necklace.  No hair accessories.I knew we'd be spending part of the day outside and pictures would be outside as well, so for shoes I wanted something that I would be able to walk in on grass, gravel, dirt and not sink in or topple over.  I found the perfect pair of Anne Klein pumps online.  Shimmery pale gold to match the dress, pointed toe, and chunky heel to add a few inches, maintain stability, and keep me upright! Jordan's look was much more simple.  He really wanted to go Wyoming cowboy for the wedding and wear blue jeans, white shirt, vest, and cowboy boots.  I was in full support, but Jordan feared his family wouldn't approve.  So, he opted for a more traditional look: black suit with a white button-up shirt.  No tie, no vest, but he did keep the cowboy boots!  For a man that doesn't like to dress up, he pulled it off well!  His look was selected kind of last minute.  He's not at all particular about fashion, so just a week or two before the wedding we went to the local JC Penny and bought the suit.  He had purchased the shirt prior and had the boots already. 





Q: How did you meet? Tell us about the proposal. 


A: We met in Minnesota in April 2010 at a mutual friend's birthday party.  At the time, I lived in Minnesota and Jordan lived in North Dakota (about 6 hours away).  I don't know if I'd say that we "hit it off" at the party, but we did stay in touch and a month or so later we connected again in Minnesota and seemed to get along well.  We became fast friends.  I visited him in ND a couple of times that summer, and then in August 2010 Jordan was planning a road-trip to Alaska.  Alaska was somewhere I had always wanted to go, so I asked if he wanted any company on the trip.  He said yes, and so it was that after only a few months of friendship and only seeing each other 2-3 times, we embarked on an 18 day journey in my Honda Civic, with a trunk overflowing and 2 dogs in the back seat, up to Alaska and back.  It was an incredible trip, with a few bumps along the way, but amazingly neither of us killed the other along the way.  It was a long-distance friendship for several years after that.  I moved to Montana in 2011, and Jordan came to visit me there many times.  I visited him in ND every couple of months, and we took adventures together whenever we could...exploring ND and MT; skiing; hiking and camping in the Bighorn Mountains of WY.  In fall of 2013, during one of Jordan's visits to Montana, we finally decided we were more than friends.  <3  He moved to be with me in Montana in January 2014, and we have been together ever since.The proposal came a couple of years later (we're not much for rushing things ;).  We started talking about marriage in fall of 2016 (no proposal though).  In November Jordan decided he wanted to have a ring made for me (still no proposal).  We designed the ring together and found a jeweler (Old Town Goldworks in Fort Collins, CO) to cast the ring (still no proposal).  By this time, it was December and the ring wouldn't be complete until after the holidays, so I figured an official proposal would come then.  HOWEVER, unbeknownst to me, Jordan had different plans.  On December 6, 2016, I got home from work and Jordan had dinner prepared, a candle on the dining table and two glasses of wine poured.  I was still oblivious, because Jordan making dinner was the norm in our house.  I thought the candle and the wine were just a nice little extra that night (remember, in my mind there was no proposal until he had the ring).  We sat and ate dinner, a creamy pasta dish.  After I was done eating I got up and took my plate to the sink like I always do and headed to relax on the couch, oblivious to the fact that he had planned to propose at dinner.  Plan thwarted by me.  Jordan carried on though; while I sat on the couch bundled up in a blanked, Jordan walked over, got down on one knee and proposed.  I was completely surprised!  In my mind this wasn't going to happen for another month.  Well, he didn't have THE RING, but he had gone to the store and bought a set of 5 inexpensive rings, each with features similar to THE RING.  He proposed with these that evening, and it was wonderful and perfect!  And of course I said, "yes!"  I wore one of those rings every day for a month until the real deal ring arrived.  And on that day, he proposed again!  He tore open the envelope, opened the wood box encasing the ring, gave it a quick inspection, and once again asked me to marry him.  This time we were standing in the middle of the kitchen, and just to solidify the deal, I said, "yes" again!  What made that moment even more special is that Jordan had secretly conspired with the jeweler to have the ring engraved.  On the inside of the band, in Slovak (we're both of Slovakian heritage), was inscribed "So mnou, a ja s vami", which translates to "With me, and I with you." 


Q: What was the most anticipated or special moment of your wedding day? 


A: For me, the most special moment was reading our vows to one another and saying our "I do's" in front of our family and friends.  We wrote our own vows, and neither of us were sure we'd be able to get through them without tears, but we did.  I love the vows that we wrote for each other; I love the words; I love the meaning; I love the thought that went into them; I love that we wrote them together and that they represent us, both independently and together; I love that those words are the foundation for our future and our life together; and I loved reading them aloud to one another in front of those we love. 


Q: Do you have any wedding planning or marriage advice that you'd like to share with other couples planning their day? 


A: Wedding planning advice: make sure that the wedding is what you BOTH want.  I consulted with Jordan on a lot of the planning.  Most stuff he didn't care about, but there were a few things that were very important to him and he had more opinions about those things than I did...mainly the food and drinks!  I didn't care as much about what we ate for dinner, or the cake, or the bar, so he made those decisions.  He chose the caterer and worked with them to pick the meal.  He hates traditional cake, and he wanted an ice cream cake instead, so, we found Patsy at Heritage Bakery in Cody.  Jordan worked with her to create the ice cream cake of his dreams!  He cared less about decor and flowers, and all the little details, so I took care of those.  The bottom line is that we worked together to incorporate elements of both of our personalities/likes into our wedding day, and that made it a day that we BOTH loved and will always remember.  Splurge on a great photographer!  Ours was fantastic, and the amazing photos we now have we'll cherish for a lifetime.  She captured everything so beautifully, so now all those little details we forget about over time, we can be reminded of when we peruse the pictures!  They take us right back to our special day.Have a videographer if you can.  Unbeknownst to me, one of our friends broke out a camcorder and recorded our ceremony and lots of candid footage of the day.  We watched it a few nights after the wedding, and it was so special to have those moments captured in that way!  We didn't plan on having video like that, but now I'm so glad that we do!  And we were able to send the video to Jordan's grandmother who couldn't be there in person.  A priceless gift!I'm also a big proponent of keeping things simple.  It felt like our wedding was pretty simple, but boy, it was still an awful lot of work!  As for marriage advise:1. Always be kind and love one another.  2. The friend that introduced Jordan and I gave us the following advice on our wedding day (she and her husband have been married 10 years now):  When each person wants what's best for the other, it leads to a lifetime of love.  I think this is fantastic advice and working well for us so far!3. Go on adventures and try new things together!







Photographer: A Jayne Photography

Venue: Private Residence

Floral Designer: Ecoflower

Tuxedo & Mens Attire: JC Penny

Ring Designer: Awesome Industries LLC

Ring Designer: Old Town Goldworks

Hair Stylist: Strandz Salon

Dress Designer: Lillian West

Dress Store: Little White Dress Bridal Shop

Equipment Rentals: Kistler Tent & Awning

Equipment Rentals: Events Rentals

Bakery: Heritage Bakery

Caterer: Smoke Stack BBQ




Happy Wedding Planning!




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