Melissa & Jonathan's Surprise Proposal by the Ocean

January 26, 2018

What a surprise proposal! The ocean offers the perfect backdrop. I for one love the ocean and the beach is my happy place, so naturally I'm in love with this surprise proposal! Well done Jonathan! 


You have to read the story behind the ring! It's sweet and full of memories of the past and future to come.


Thank you to Heidi from Heidi Kirn Weddings for this magical surprise proposal! 


Heidi says...


This couple from Ottawa, Canada were planning a vacation at The Beachmere in along Marginal Way in Ogunquit over Labor day weekend. They have been here twice and love the town. 

Little did Melissa know that her boyfriend was also planning a surprise proposal! He contacted me with a plan!  He was going to tell her that he  made a dinner reservation  in Perkin's Cove and walk along the marginal way towards there. I would be there with my camera taking photos and when he saw me there he would ask  if I  could take a photo with his phone! He would then  go on one knee, and then I would switch to my real camera! 

The plan all worked out perfectly and Melissa was in tears as "she said yes!!"  

We enjoyed the sunset as we took a few more photos.


Here's their story...




IN THE COUPLE's words!



It depends who you ask. Jon likes to say we met in law school, but we actually went to the same elementary and high school. I guess you could say we met again in university where Jon pretended to know a lot about contract law so that he could "help me out".





Our first trip together when we first started dating was with Jon's family to their go-to vacation spot in Ogunquit, Maine. It was like a little bubble of paradise. We hadn't been in a long while, and that is why I was so excited in August when Jon told me he had booked the long weekend in September to go there. Fast forward to the car ride, where I tell Jon that it would be so romantic for him to propose that weekend! The perfect spot I told him, our first vacation together, we've been dating for 4 years, might as well do it now, and every other line in the book. So Jon drove 7 hours listening to me bug him about this, while he just kept saying "It isn't happening", "I don't want you to get your hopes up because that isn't what is happening". So of course I kept bugging him. We had spoken about getting engaged before and decided it was probably 1-2 years down the line. I knew it wasn't happening, but a little nudge never hurt nobody. We finally arrive in Ogunquit and Jon tells me he made a reservation for dinner at a restaurant near the water. He said before sunset it would be nice to take some photos. I put on jeans, a sweater and was ready to go. Jon told me that he is going to wear something a little nicer and "didn't I bring that nice dress with". My response: "It is freezing, unless you are going to propose to me I am not going to put on a dress". He told me once again that I was being super difficult and that we had to be on our way for the reservation. On our walk to the restaurant we stopped in front of the rocks to take a photo. There was no one around except this women with two professional cameras. Jon suggested we ask her to take a photo. I told him she was busy and I didn't want to disrupt her. Also, we have a silly phone and she has these two cool professional cameras, it's embarrassing. Jon insisted and said he would ask. The woman kindly accepted and Jon and I get in to photo position. As we are smiling, the woman put down Jon's phone, picked up her professional camera, and Jon got down on one knee. Pure shock. I must have said "I am so sorry" about 100 times for how annoying I was being during the day, and that if I had known I would have shut up. He told me I made him so nervous all day because he thought I knew. Finally, he said "Did you say yes?", to which I responded, "Did you even ask?". The moment was a blur, but thankfully we had Heidi Kirn, the wonderful photographer, who was able to capture that special moment for us.







The ring is my grandmother's (or as we call her "Bubby"). My grandfather ("Zaide") bought it for her in September of 1959 in Montreal. Unfortunately he passed away in 1982. She still wears her wedding band to this day. My Bubby would often tell me that she is "leaving the ring for me". As my Bubby is one of my best of friends - the thought of her "leaving the ring for me" was special, but also heart breaking. When Jon proposed with her ring I was overcome with emotion. When I called her letting her know I was engaged and wearing her ring she said she was happy to be here to see it on my hand. My Bubby is one of the strongest, most loving people I know, and I feel so lucky to be able to wear the ring that my Zaide gave her 58 years ago.













Photographer: Heidi Kirn Weddings

Location: The Beachmere Inn


Happy Wedding Planning!





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