Should You Invite Children To Your Intimate Wedding?

July 6, 2017

How to Keep Children Entertained & Create an Epic Entertainment Area For Them at Your Wedding!






It's the question that is often asked. "Should we invite kids to the wedding?"


This is one question every Bride and Groom should ask themselves when they are planning their wedding and creating the guest list. 


Most of the time couples already have friends and family members who have children so this can become a tough decision to make. I know first hand that children can become easily bored and fussy. It's important for the kids to have just as much fun as the adults. You just have to plan for it.  


The great thing is, if you do decide you would love to include the kiddos in your big day, then you’ll want to make sure that they’re happy and well entertained at all times.


I got you covered! So, here are a few fun ideas for keeping those little cutie pies busy during the wedding celebration.



1. Create an epic kids table


I hear the word epic a lot amongst the kids. "This was an epic party Mom!" So needless to say, having a table area just for the kids will be a win-win solution. 


All you have to do is set up a few kids tables with various activities. I suggest to search the Pinterest boards for fun cool age appropriate ideas.  You can add games, puzzles, Legos, coloring books to the tables so the kids can choose something that they find entertaining.


Oh, wait, you could also add some fun goodie bags that have treats, or a small trinket toys. Easy peasy lemon squeezey! 


2. Let them be a part of the wedding activities


Most kids really enjoy helping out. So, allowing them to be a part of the day’s events will make them feel like they are contributing and helping. One important job to do is handing out pamphlets, bubbles or if it's a super hot day I've seen fans being passed out to guests. Kids would go bonkers over these tasks.


If they feel like they’re helping out, they won’t feel bored. Here's another cute idea! Give each child one of those disposable cameras and let them snap around capturing some epic  photos of the day. You will be surprised how a child views the world behind a camera!


3. A little fresh air goes a long way


Based on the time of year and weather conditions, setting up a few outdoors activities for the kids would be epic!


Hiring or having someone in the family to watch over the kids is recommended for the outdoor activities. Here are a few ideas that would definitely take any boredom out of the equation! 


Based on weather and time of the year, set up a few outdoor games such as Jenga, hula-hoops, twister, corn hole, backyard bowling. Oh, how about a scavenger hunt!


You can find these items at your local stores or a great place for bulk items is Oriental Trading





4. Set up a separate kids room


Maybe having a supervised separate kids room away from the main entertainment area would suit your needs. 


You can set up a cool kids room area that contains movies, popcorn, beanbags, and activities that they can enjoy. You can even add this to the above #1 Create an epic kids table.





The great thing about lots of the ideas and items I listed above is they are affordable and you might even have some of the items at home or know someone who does.


Add any of these features to an Intimate Wedding, and this will have not only the kids talking about what an epic wedding that was, but the adults will too!



Happy Wedding Planning!



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